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SpoolMail Issue: Instructions for a ColdFusion 8 installation

Name: Instructions for a ColdFusion 8 installation
ID: 2
Project: SpoolMail
Type: Enhancement
Area: Documentation
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Ray Buechler
Created: 08/01/07 9:41 AM
Updated: 07/01/10 2:19 PM
Description: In ColdFusion 8 the extensioncustom.cfm file is no longer used to display a custom link in the CF administrator. The new file that needs to be edited is the custommenu.xml file.

Correct markup for for custommenu.xml would be:

<submenu label="Custom Extensions">
   <menuitem href="spoolmail/index.cfm" target="content">Spool Mail</menuitem>
History: Created by raybtwo (Ray Buechler) : 08/01/07 9:41 AM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 08/01/07 9:47 AM
That is not true. Both work.

Comment by slateblue (Tim Dawe) : 07/01/10 2:16 PM
Are you sure Ray? Can't get extensioncustom.cfm to work here (8.0.1). custommenu.xml method is fine, though.

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 07/01/10 2:19 PM
I wonder if the presence of one overwrote the other? I will update the docs (at some point) then to mention this.

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